As an abstract geometric artist, Lorien draws from a practice of attentive contemplation and creative discovery. The intricacy in the artwork's compositions, with its prismatic color sensibility, arises from an aesthetic and conceptual appreciation of nature and its patterns. While working with geometrical arrangements, she finds the flow, universal beauty, and symmetry inherent to patterns stemming from growth laws. These arrangements follow shared numerical sequences found in nature and permeate the structure of parts amongst the whole, as seen in the leaves and branches of a tree and in flower petals.

Wheel within a Wheel concentrates on the axial symmetry that engenders vibrant forms as a circle encompasses a circle to create an atmospheric density.

Elan Flow follows dynamic motion patterns, including water's uncontrollable and often chaotic flow. These patterns and other natural phenomena like lightning storms are found in the external environment and appear in processes within living bodies, such as blood circulation and firing neural networks. The material dimension of human existence within the natural environment reveals a cosmic extent to its composition.

Wooded Terrain and Breath of Life draw forward instances of deviation from perfect fractal architectures found in nature. A unique and, often, beautiful responsive variation arises in living forms to environmental conditions, including hardship and its weathering effects. For the artist, this novel adaptation is a language of wisdom shared in forests and wildflower fields through micro and macro ecosystem idiosyncrasies, such as multi-generational symbiotic root systems.

Beholder, as a compositional theme, draws geometric forms and representational drawings symbiotically to highlight the observation process. The viewer perceives an effect – specifically geometric patterning in natural forms – and these evoke wonder and fuel quests for root-cause discovery. The intent is not to move to any foregone conclusion but to recognize how contemplation sustains an intention toward furthering knowledge.

These conceptual series of paintings reflect love and an unending sense of awe before nature and our cosmos.


"Coalescing Geometries," a solo show of Lorien Suárez-Kanerva's paintings, was curated by Dr. Milagros Bello in Miami Curator's Voice Art Projects. A Retrospective titled "Coalescing Geometries" won First Place in Non-Fiction at the 2019 International Latino Book Awards.

Suárez-Kanerva has exhibited in NYC at Anita Shapolsky Gallery, "Precious Gems" show, and in "Stratosphere" curated by Priska Jushka, and "I AM A WOMAN," curated by Noah Becker, Dr. Milagros Bello, and Terrence Sanders, at Lichtundfire Gallery.

In Southern California, she was part of "Refraction," a three-person show with Charles Arnoldi and Roland Reiss curated by Leslie Brown at the Riverside City College, Quad Gallery, and the Riverside Art Museum in '"Beyond Heritage," a curated exhibition by Andi Campognone and Peter Frank.

Her artwork appears at numerous International Art Fairs, including Art Basel SCOPE (Switzerland and Miami), the European Cultural Center at the Venice Biennale, alongside other cultural and educational centers, including Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton Museum of Art, and the Engineering Department at Cory Hall in UC Berkeley.

Suarez is an art writer contributing articles for Art Miami and Whitehot Magazines. She was a recent juror for the International Art Awards 2022 Juried Art Competition alongside Dr. Milagros Bello and Dr. Felix Suazo.

Suárez-Kanerva has a bi-cultural American and Venezuelan heritage. She has a BA (High Honors) from UC Berkeley and an MA (Cum Laude) from the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium. Additionally, she pursued post-graduate studies at the Universidad de Salamanca and ESADE in Barcelona, Spain.