As an abstract geometric artist, Lorien draws from a practice of creative discovery and attentive contemplation.

While working with geometrical arrangements, she finds the "flow," universal beauty, and symmetry inherent to patterns stemming from growth laws.

These arrangements follow a shared numerical sequence found in nature and permeate the structure of parts amongst the whole, as seen in the leaves and branches of a tree and flower petals.

An axial symmetry as circle encompasses circle creates an atmospheric density, and the vibrancy that these forms engender inspired the series' titled Wheel within a Wheel.

Elan Flow follows the dynamic movement patterns, including the uncontrollable and often chaotic flow, of water. The material dimension of human existence and within the natural environment reveals a cosmic extent to its composition. These flow patterns of water and other natural phenomena like lightning storms found in the external environment appear in internal processes within living bodies, such as blood circulation and neural networks' firing.

Wooded Terrain looks at the instances of deviation from perfect fractal architectures found in nature. A unique and, at times, beautiful variation arises in living forms as a response to environmental hardship and its weathering effects. A novel adaptation is a language of wisdom shared in forests through multi-generational symbiotic root systems.

The intricacy found in the artworks compositions with its prismatic color sensibility springs from an aesthetic and conceptual appreciation of nature and its patterns.