"My GEOMETRICAL designs follow BOTANICAL forms with their universal beauty and symmetry of growth patterns. WATER as a source of life and NATURE’s vitality is a locus of creative wisdom. My art meditates on those connections."

As a geometric abstract artist, Lorien draws from a practice of creative discovery and attentive contemplation.

While working with geometrical arrangements, she finds the “flow,” universal beauty, and symmetry inherent to patterns stemming from laws of growth.

These arrangements follow a shared numerical sequence that is found in nature and permeates the arrangement of parts amongst the whole, as can be seen in the leaves and branches of a tree and flower petals.

An axial symmetry as circle encompasses circle creates an atmospheric density and the vibrancy that these forms engender inspired the series’ titles of Wheel within a Wheel and Elan Flow.

The artwork's intricacy with its prismatic color sensibility springs from an appreciation of nature and its patterns.