As a geometric abstract artist, I explore the dynamic interplay of color, light, and natural forms. Multiple design layers with elaborate patterns, depth, and a strong sense of movement culminate in a vibrant composition. My work draws from a practice of joyful discovery and creative contemplation. 

While working with geometrical arrangements, I find the “movement,” universal beauty and symmetry inherent to structures stemming from laws of growth. A shared numerical pattern in nature that permeates the arrangement of parts amongst the whole can be seen in the leaves and branches of a tree or the petals of a flower. An axial symmetry as circles encircle circles creates an atmospheric density, and the vibrancy these forms engendered inspired the series’ title of “Wheel within a Wheel.”

Through art-making, I express as a creative response to my environment an inner sense of the essence of nature’s growth force.   The designs intricacy with its prismatic color sensibility springs from a love of nature and its patterns.